Nature About Host(II)

Host and Parasite

Basically, because parasites need to rely entirely on the host to provide nutrition and living environment, the ideal host-parasite relationship is that the host can provide a stable living environment for the parasite for a long time, while its own nutrition will not be absorbed by the parasite in large quantities. But often in the growth cycle of parasites, parasites continue to reproduce in the host, a large number of parasites gradually increase to absorb the nutrition of the host, so that the physical capacity of the host is weakened, and finally the host will suffer from long-term malnutrition, which will most seriously lead to the death of the host. The death of the host makes the parasite unable to absorb the nutrition of the host, and also causes the parasite to die successively because of the lack of nutrition.Steel Pipe

However, in general, the “host-parasite relationship” between the mother and the fetus does not lead to the death of the host due to over-absorption of host nutrients. Moreover, the fetus itself has no reproductive capacity and will not increase the pressure of the host to provide nutrition because the number of “parasites” (Fetus) increases in the “host” (mother). . And this “host parasite relationship” usually ends with the birth of the fetus and leaving the mother body.

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